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Fans of sport-themed video games will undoubtedly be familiar with EA Sports, publisher of the massively popular FIFA video game franchise, as well as UFC, Madden and NBA Live, to name but a few. Due to the tight, yearly release schedule of the individual games within these franchises, consumers have been known to report problems with the final released products. These have included games freezing or locking up mid-play, save data being lost, glitches in the graphics or gameplay, slow loading times or issues with the in-game purchasing systems. Naturally, for any paying customer, these sorts of issues can be both frustrating and disheartening. As such, many consumers may feel that they need to contact the EA Sports customer services in order to voice these frustrations and attempt rectify any problems that they happen to be facing.

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If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111

As the most popular franchise under the EA Sports banner, it is unsurprising that the FIFA series has a high rate of user grievances over poorly functioning or glitching features within their games. Some players may wish to contact EA Sport UK over issues in the latest release, FIFA 17, which may include malfunctioning controls, on-screen players failing to follow directions, the ball disappearing mid-game, or the ball failing to appear at all at the start of a match. Should they wish to report these issues, or online problems such as the server dropping out, then players are able to use the EA Sports phone number, or to contact the company via their website, Facebook or Twitter page.

Getting in touch with EA Sports customer services - and getting the help you need, fast​

There have also been numerous cases of players finding issues with games in EA’s Madden franchise. As well as similar bugs and glitches in the gameplay, some users have reported that their in-game purchases (packs of additional players) are poor value for money, or even that they’ve been unable to make in-game purchases after purchasing points from The Playstation Store. There have also been complaints that the game freezes during loading screens, that online servers have been unavailable, and that coins have been lost after system updates. The EA Sports customer number is a valid recourse for any customer facing one or more of these issues.

As well as issues with specific games, EA Sports consumers have also voiced concerns about Origin, the digital distribution platform through which users can purchase games that may then be accessed via their PC or Mac. Notable complaints of this sort have included users being charged multiple times for the same game, being locked out of a game for which they’d already paid, or finding that the Origin server (which must be online in order for the consumer to play their game) had gone down. The Origin platform is also notoriously temperamental. It has been known to crash frequently as users attempt to navigate through menus and some have been unable to play their games after creating then being unable to use their newly registered account. Purchasing a product that one is then unable to use, or paying multiple times for the same product with no refund or apology, would be understandably infuriating to any customer who faced that issue, and would reasonably warrant a call to the complaints team of that company. Again, the EA Sports phone number is available should one face any of these issues.

EA Sports Contact Number and Other Communication Methods

There are numerous ways to get in contact with EA Sports. As well as the EA Sports phone number, which can be called from any landline or mobile phone, EA Sports customers can attempt to reach the company through their webpage at https://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/. There, they’ll be asked to select the specific product with which they’re having trouble, and then select the specific platform/console on which they’re using the product. After selecting a generic help topic from a drop-down menu (which includes “missing content”, “report a bug” and “technical support”, among others), the user can enter a specific question and then receive EA contact info or the opportunity to use an online text chat service. However, using this service will require the user to sign in with his or her EA account, Facebook or email address.

Customers can also attempt to contact EA Sports on one of two social media platforms. The company can be found on Facebook at https://facebook.com/easports and are available on Twitter at https://twitter.com/easports. Users with an account on either website are able to leave a message on the company’s Facebook page or send a tweet to their Twitter account to make a complaint or voice any other issue with any of EA’s products or platforms. The open nature of these social media sites makes it easier for users to leave a comment or message than on EA’s “contact us” webpage, but may also make it less likely that representatives of the company will reply to any message directly. Resultantly, the most reliable method of lodging a complaint, reporting an issue or contacting the company for any other reason will be to call the EA Sports customer number.

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