AirBNB contact number – 0870 186 5264

AirBNB has become one of the world's leading online accommodation booking platforms, with over 60 million users worldwide it has become one of the top peer-to-peer networks. Since launching its platform in 2008 AirBNB have skyrocketed to success, now in over 191 countries it has become a favourite to many travellers and short-stay accommodation hunters alike.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111

Throughout the years AirBNB have seen their fair share of ups and downs, but no successful company would be without them.

As a peer-to-peer homestay network the most common port of contact is through those offering accommodation or through those seeking accommodation.

However this isn't always the case and AirBNB offer a wide range of contact options from social media to email and online communities to phone calls.

Phoning the AirBNB customer service number​

The AirBNB helpline is mostly available online but there are other options out there.

Each method of contact is designed with individuals in mind, so there is more than just one way of contacting AirBNB.

The AirBNB platform offers a number of areas which enable different types of contact with hosts, guests and the AirBNB team.

Through the website, there are dedicated help sections that focus on ensuring guests and hosts alike get their queries answered as quickly as possible.

Through the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on, many queries can be answered directly on this page.

How to get in touch with the AirBNB contact number team​

There is also the option of using the AirBNB contact form, where queries and emails can be sent directly to the AirBNB help team. This can be located by logging into your AirBNB account and accessing the help centre.

Alternatively if finding the email section becomes a little too difficult, a live chat feature does eventually pop up and you can then have the opportunity to interact with a live AirBNB agent. This will enable you to receive instant and direct replies about your queries.

Other features of the AirBNB website offer members the ability to interact with each other, by asking questions, commenting on and creating threads, very much like an online forum and it can be found at

Phoning AirBNB UK​

Another feature for those looking to get their queries answered a little quicker is by accessing This section of AirBNB is very similar to the offering of the community but it is where more experienced hosts offer quick support to those looking to improve their AirBNB experiences, and excel at being hosts.

One part of AirBNB dedicated to dealing with more serious issues is the resolutions section, found at It is here where problems with hosts and guests can be dealt with without directly having to deal with AirBNB, and many of the issues surround pending payments, poor service, requesting money for extras and receiving refunds.

It is through these sections that you as a guest or host can reach simple and easy resolutions to your problems or queries without having to go through direct contact with the AirBNB team.

However it is sometimes necessary to be in contact with a live person and this is where the AirBNB phone number comes into play.

AirBNB have a team dedicated to providing fast and reliable support for customers experiencing any sort of difficulty involving bookings, cancellations, refunds and/or payments and problems falsely advertised information.

Reaching AirBNB complaints and the AirBNB helpline

Gaining access to the AirBNB contact details through the website can be a little tricky because there are so many different forms of contact that are available.

The AirBNB complaints line is available most conveniently through social media but also through the AirBNB contact number, and because AirBNB is a global company its social media contact points are open 24/7.

You can contact AirBNB on their Facebook page - by sending a private message or posting on their wall, or through their endless Twitter accounts. The three main Twitter accounts for AirBNB UK residents are, and and they can be reach by a direct private message or by tweeting them directly.

If tweeting a multibillion company isn't your cup of tea, then AirBNB can also be contacted by phone, so whether you are at home or abroad there are AirBNB contact details always available.

Most hosts and guests contact AirBNB because there have been issues with payments, poor service from hosts themselves or even guests and even problems with the AirBNB platform. The expansion of AirBNB means that the demand for a support team has increased and many are finding that the best outcome is to use the AirBNB phone number.

When contacting AirBNB many customers find that using AirBNB's local phone numbers help with more specific issues that cannot be resolved online. These issues tend to be more pressing and demanding and require a quicker turnaround period, such as incorrect reservation bookings and last minute cancellations by hosts.

How to speak to the AirBNB customer service helpline, fast​

AirBNB state that many forms of their contact are available 24/7, and because of this there are now contact number available all across the globe. For the AirBNB UK contact number there are three that can be used +44 203 318 1111 (London) 0870 183 0620 or 0843 504 7257 (Reading).

The AirBNB contact number for AirBNB UK is available Monday - Thursday, 11am-10pm and Friday - Saturday, 11am-11pm. There is an average waiting time of around five minutes, but in busier periods customers can expect to wait up to half an hour.

There is an automated system which customers will find themselves in initially but this leads to a live person after the allotted queue time.

If you have previously made a reservation through AirBNB a local AirBNB contact number is provided in the confirmation email, so if a problem does arise then it will be the local number provided that will see you receiving the best help. If a reservation hasn't been made and it is a more serious matter then contacting AirBNB during their available call centre times is mandatory, otherwise contact is only applicable through social media.

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